Ask God for forgivensess, Not me

This is the story of Renata Flores del Angel (Irán CastilloRebecca Jones), a young woman from a wealthy family who falls for Pablo Ramos (Brandon Peniche), the foreman of the estate of her father. She knows it’s a relationship that her father, Don Bruno Flores Riquelme (Eric del Castillo), would never approve, but when he learns that Renata is in love with Pablo, he threatens to kill him, not knowing that Renata is already pregnant with Pablo’s daughter. Bruno banishes Renata and Macaria Rios (Alejandra García), the servant, to Real de San Andres, (San Miguel de Allende), the Guanajuato capital, to have the baby there. By the management of Fausto López Guerra (Sergio Goyri), little Abigail (Zuria Vega) comes back to the hacienda as Macaria’s daughter.
Years pass and Renata, in order to be with her daughter, is forced to marry Fausto, an ambitious and cruel man who claims to love her. From then on, she acts as Abigail’s godmother. Fausto provokes an accident in which Renata tries to escape with Abigail, causing Renata to lose her eyesight, and also takes command of Renata’s fortune. Fausto is happy about the arrival of his nephew Mateo (Mark Tacher) to the hacienda. He is a young, handsome, and daring man who has recently completed his studies of medicine overland from Canada.
Mateo falls in love with Diana Montero (Altaír Jarabo), without knowing that she is the lover of his uncle. When Fausto finds out about this relationship, he opposes it and separates Diana from his nephew. Meanwhile, from the moment she meets Mateo, Abigail falls in love with him; the two end up together, provoking hate in Diana who, along with Fausto, tries to separate the young couple. They achieve the separation of the two lovers, but they aren’t able to destroy the love that Abigail and Mateo feel for each other.
Mateo finally has his teacher, friend, and specialist in ophthalmology review Renata’s case of blindness to see if he can operate on her. Dr. Patricio Duarte (Rene Strickler) secretly falls in love with Renata and has a great interest in helping Renata recover her sight again. The two form a very special friendship and love despite Renata’s marriage to Fausto.

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