Telenovela Channel Romanza+Africa Launches in Kenya

The 24-hour telenovela channel Romanza+Africa has launched in Kenya, where it will air on the Bamba TV digital television service. Read more here:

AfricAxp partners with Moben International to provide free TV channels through WI-Fi hot-spots in buildings and taxis

Streamed content in Africa faces two key obstacles: data is expensive and billing is usually overly complicated. African content distributor AfricaXP has partnered with Poland’s Moben International to deliver free TV channels through Wi-Fi hot-spots in South Africa. Russell Southwood spoke to AfricaXP’s CEO Craig Kelly about how this joint approach overcomes the key obstacles……Read more here:

Azteca and Cisneros Media Distribution Partner with AfricaXP to Launch Romanza+Africa, a Premier Telenovela Channel

2014MIPTV-300x225 CANNES, FRANCE (MIPTV) April 7, 2014 – Azteca and Cisneros Media  Distribution (CMD), two of the world’s most prominent producers of  telenovela programming, in partnership with digital content distributor  AfricaXP, announce the launch ofRomanza+Africa, a new channel  targeting English-speaking audiences in the African continent.

 Romanza+Africa is home to some of the most successful telenovelas of  recent years, offering the very best in original programming from both  Cisneros Media Distribution’s and Azteca’s vast catalogues.  The  standalone channel is available through AfricaXP’s multiple digital distribution platforms, offering the region’s broadcasters the world’s most compelling romantic stories portrayed by internationally renowned stars amongst captivating scenery.

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