Silvia Navarro 


Navarro was born on September 14, 1978 in Irapuato, Guanajuato. She attended and graduated  from the Centro de Formacion Actoral (CEFAC), TV Azteca’s acting school in Mexico City. In  2012 Navarro confirmed she’s in a relationship with Gerardo Casanova.

She received a 2013 Premios TV Adicto Golden Award for her starring role as Camila Monterde  Santos de Díaz Acosta in the telenovela, Amor Bravío.




 Sergio Basañez Rodríguez,  born on May 4, 1970 in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico is a  telenovela actor. He was a partner of the actress Silvia Navarro and has two siblings, Carlos  and María

Sergio started his acting career at an early age. Before he got leading roles in soap operas,  he made special appearances in them, while he studied acting. Simultaneously, he also  studied law and became a lawyer.



Elizabeth Islas Brasdefer , born on July 17, 1946 in Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico is  a Mexican telenovela actress who is better known as Claudia Islas. She is very famous  for her beauty and was called “Mexican Brigitte Bardot” in the past

Claudiaʻs surname Islas means “islands”. She is a daughter of Luis Roberto Islas and  María Luisa Brasdefer, so she has two surnames – one maternal and one paternal. She  married a man called Jaime Bravo.

As of 2012 she lives in Miami and is retired. Her last work was in the telenovela Ángel  Rebelde in 2004.

She sold her jewelry because she fell into poverty.



Mariana was born in Mexico City, Mexico. From age of three, it was clear that  Mariana loved performing and at that tender age she started taking ballet and tap  classes. At just 9 years old, Mariana began her professional career, starring in the  Mexican rendition of “Grease” (Onda Vaselina). The huge success of this  production immediately led to the recording of several albums.

Mariana is currently preparing her second album as a soloist with Warner Music  Mexico. She currently divides her time between Hollywood and Mexico City where she continues to develop her successful international acting and singing career.




Carlos Torres Torrija is a Mexican actor, well known for his role in the TV series Gitanas. He  was born on February 14, 1968 in Venezuella, and he graduated from the Art Theatre school





Sergio Kleiner is an Argentine actor of soap operas and the cinema of Mexico.  He was born in  March 23, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

He started his acting career at the age of 21 at a play in Buenos Aires. He then toured with the  theater company to Central America and Mexico where he obtained a role in Los padres  terrible of Jean Cocteau the following year (1962).




Ana Ofelia Murguia is a Mexican Film and television actress, born on 8 December of 1933 in  the Federal District, Mexico.

Although she has had very few starring roles in her long career, the quality of his acting work,  besides its simplicity, has become one of the most acclaimed actresses of Mexican cinema .

She has worked with leading directors in key films of the Mexican national cinema of the last  three decades of the twentieth century.




 Lorena Meritano Gelfenben was born on September 30 of 1970, in Concordia. She  is an Argentian model, actress and TV presenter.

She was 15 when some entrepreneurs, captivated by her dark skin and green eyes, took  her to Italy to model. Then she changed the catwalks for tables and starred in major  soap operas abroad. She won an ACE Award from the Critics Association New York in  the category best face of the year.

When she was about to return to her home in Miami after a vacation in Argentina, Raúl Lecouna producer offered her work in the telenovela Doll brava .There she played the role of umpire between Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana .



Natalia Martinez Streignard Negri was born on September 9, 1970 in Madrid, Spain. When  she was 3, her family moved to Venezuela.

She began acting in 1992, after participating in the Miss Venezuela pageant. She was chosen  to be the protagonist of the Venezuelan soap, Pedacito de cielo (1993).




Mario CImarro

Mario’s lifelong dream was to become an actor. He studied intensively with preeminent teachers,  including Adriana Barraza (Oscar Nominee) and Bill Alderson. Upon graduation with a degree in  drama, he began to pursue roles that would allow him to grow as an artist.

Making his big screen  debut in the Baz Luhrmann directed “Romeo & Juliet” with Leonardo  Dicaprio and Claire Danes.  He appeared with Louis Gosset Jr(Oscar Winner) in “Managua”.



anna silvett

Anna Silvetti was born May 17, 1957 in Barcelon. She is a distinguished actress, director  and  producer.

She is a daughter of the acclaimed musician Bebu Silvetti and is mainly famous by her  notable  roles in several theater plays and several Mexican Telenovelas since the 1980s  and  Latin  Telenovelas filmed in Miami since the 2000s.

She’s the Latin Spanish voice of several English spoken TV series and documentaries,  including  the voices of Wanda from The Fairly OddParents and Sheila  Broflovski from South Park.

She’s also a certified Yoga teacher and currently has a TV Yoga show.



 Romina Gaetani was born in April 15 of 1977. She is an Argentinian actress and singer.She is  known for her starring roles in telenovelas including Mientras Haya Vida..

Her father’s name is Carlos Gaetani, who is insurance producer. She has a brother named  Leonardo who is an architect. From an early age she showed her interest in acting, so she  enrolled in the theater institute Scaffold 90 for the acting career for a period of four years. In  addition, she completed her secondary education at the institute Santa Ana de Villa Ballester ,  in the north of Greater Buenos Aires .




Andrés Palacios was born on May 13, 1975 in Santiago, Chile.

Palacios was born in Chile, but moved to Mexico when he was 2 years old. He had participated in  various theatrical shows and telenovelas.





Margarita Rosa de Francisco Baquero also known as La Mencha (born August 8, 1965  in Cali, Colombia) is a Colombian telenovela, movie actress, singer and TV presenter.

Margarita is the granddaughter of Margarita Cucalón. She is the daughter of Gerardo de  Francisco and Mercedes Baquero. She is the second of three siblings: sister Adriana and  brother, comedian Martín de Francisco.

From August 1988–1990 she was married to actor/singer Carlos Vives, who she had met on  the set of the telenovela Gallito Ramirez. Since 14 June 2003 she has been married to Daniel  Castello.



Vega was born August 14, 1983 in Mexico CityMexico. She IS a daughter of actor Gonzalo Vega  and Leonora Sisto has a Spanish ancestry.She has a sister who is also actress Zuria Vega and a  brother Gonzalo. Also has a half-sister Gabriela.

She practiced flamenco dance for twenty years, she studied acting at the CEFAC, acting school of  TV Azteca. She debuted in theater at age 17 with his father, actor Gonzalo Vega Don Juan  Tenorio playing the role of Doña Inés. She also acted on stage in the Perras.




Scarlet Ortiz was born on March 12, 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela as Scarlett Evis Ortiz Pacheco.  She is an actress, known for acting in Telonovelas. Scarlet started her acting career in a  children’s show called Nubeluz in Venezuela. She also participated in Miss Venezuela 1992 as  Miss Sucre.

In July 2009 the Spanish language edition of People Magazine reported that she  was pregnant from her boyfriend Yul Bürkle and on March 9, 2010 she gave birth to a baby girl  in Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami and named her Barbara Briana. Her chosen godparents will  be the actress Gaby Espino and the soap opera writer Alberto Gomez.



Jorge Aravena was born on October 1, 1969. He is Peruvian-Venezuelan telenovela actor.  He is known for his role in telenovelas such as Girasoles Para Lucia, La Revancha, Secreto  de Amor and Mi Vida Eres Tu.

Jorge was born in Lima to Chilean father Jorge Luis Aravena and Peruvian mother Varo  Masías. At the age of 10, his parents moved to Venezuela where he grew up and started his  career.

In 1995, he married Jenny Martínez. He obtained 3 children from his marriage: Jorge  Luis,  Claudia Valentina and Luis Fernando. However, he separated from Jenny in 2005  and  obtained a divorce in 2007.



Fabiola Colmenares María Rodríguez was born in Venezuela, on August 27 of 1974, better  known as Fabiola Colmenares, is a model, actress, presenter and Venezuelan political  leader born in Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela and raised for much of its adolescence  in La Guaira , Vargas .

She began his career by participating in beauty contest “Miss Venezuela 1994 “, in which  she represented the State Lara and although it did not gain decided to pursue acting. It  began with the soap opera As you no starring Gabriela Spanic and Miguel de León . She  then appeared in other leading telenovelas.


jorge rays

Jorge Luis Reyes Graterol was born in Caracas on August 28, 1971. He is a Venezuelan actor and model. He is the elder brother of the actress Claudia Reyes.He is best known for the role in various telenovelas.

His first protagonist role was in the telenovela Destino de mujer in 1997.






Crisol Carabal was born on 11 January 1972. She is a Venezuelan television and theater  actress known for her roles in telenovelas.

Crisol began her artistic career through reciting poems on a television show  called Cuánto Vale el Show transmitted by RCTV. She was heavily influenced by her  father Alejandro Caraballo who was a renowned poet. She was trained in acting by  actress Amalia Pérez Díaz and through this; she obtained her first acting role in the  telenovela Abigail where she played the role of Charito, the best friend of the titular  character played by Catherine Fulop. The telenovela became a major hit that year and  was transmitted in various countries around the world.

In 2012, Crisol returned to Venezuela to participate in the telenovela Mi ex me tiene ganas to play the villain Amanda Atenas.



Miguel Angel de León Lopez was born on February 22, 1962. He  is a Venezuelan actor. He is  better known simply as Miguel de León. He has acted mainly in telenovelas, which garnered  him international fame across Latin America, where the genre is popular, particularly among  women. He is also known to Hispanic audiences in the United States.

De León was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and graduated from the Colegio Universitario de  Caracas with a degree in business administration. Continuing with his studies, de León joined  the Taller Universitario de Teatro Macanillas. After graduating from that school, de León  became a staff member at Radio Caracas Television, where he studied acting further.