Ambition, money, love, intrigue and deceit forge the life of Catalina, a young woman  struggling after a huge romantic disappointment. Forced by her parents to marry Sebastian,    the son of powerful landholder, is the ideal solution to the economic problems of her  ambitious family.

Sebastian is deeply in love with Catalina, and decides to test her love after the wedding by    impersonating the foreman of the estate. This only brings to light Catalina’s parents real  interests, money. After being greatly disappointed, Catalina’s parents forge her to get divorced  as soon as possible.

Sebastian wants revenge and denies her the divorce, forcing her to live the simple life of a foreman. Time makes Catalina fall passionately in love with Sebastian, who cannot forgive and forget the reason why she married him. After fulfilling his revenge, it is him who wants to break the bonds of marriage.

Sebastian confesses to Catalina the truth and decides to go back to his previous lifestyle, but Carmelo the real foreman is not willing to leave behind the life of luxury he has been used to. Only if Catalina decides to marry him, will he give Sebastian back what is righteously his.

Is Catalina’s love for Sebastian strong enough to sacrifice her own happiness for the man she loves?



Luisa Fernanda is a talented and beautiful girl from a family that hides a secret.  She fell in love with her stepbrother, where none of them knows the truth of  their past.

Years ago, Luisa Fernanda’s mother, Amelia, fell in love with Luis Alejandro  Montero and got pregnant. Amelia’s father, Fernando, got so mad that he never  let her come back home, thinking that the gardener was the father. The fact is  that the real father Luis Alejandro Montero whose first action was to  recognized his daughter and soon get married to an older lady named Marisa Gomez Ruiz. She had a son, who fell in love years later with Amelia’s daughter, Luisa Fernanda. When Montero married Marisa, the owner of the bank, he wanted to ruin her and her son Carlos Eduardo when she goes to a coma but he fails. Consuela, Amelia’s sister, who hated her niece Luisa and was in love with Montero later dies in a car accident trying to reach her niece to tell her father the truth.



Elisa is a young architecture student who lives in a housing project with Maria, her mother  and her two sisters. Sergio has always been close to her. Elisa had a relation with him until  she realized that he chased after every skirt. Her mother Maria is a fighter who has worked  herself off to provide for them after Elisa’s father walked out on them. Elisa and Maria have  faced up everything, from poverty to nearly losing their house to Hector Cervantes and his  son Alejandro. Together, father and son intend to build an important business center and  shopping mall right where the housing project is.

Hector is the powerful owner of the country’s leading building company. A man haunted  down by the past and dashing into an even more complicated future meant to complicate his life. Hector and his son, Alejandro meet Maria and Elisa. With time and its own pace, the love between each couple evolves, However Romina, a wicked international agent infiltrated in the company to lure Hector into selling it, but it is love that draws her to Alejandro. Romina is not one willing to fall into this mission.

They will have to fight against yet another obstacle aside from Romina’s calculating nature. Mother and daughter are two warriors at hear unwilling to yield their home to ther Cervantes men. They will learn that for love hope prevails until the last breath.



María Clara is a sweet, good-hearted and hardworking young woman who lives in  Caracas with her mother and younger sister, Andrea. María Clara is in a relationship  with Carlos Raúl, a sensitive young mechanic who dreams of becoming a concert  pianist. Despite their poor financial situation, the couple is preparing for their  wedding… but fate has other plans for them.

Carlos Raúl loses his job and eager to have a better life to share with his beloved María  Clara, he decides to move to Miami in search of work as so many immigrants have  done. As difficult as it may be, María Clara understands his position and promises to wait for him.

In Miami, Carlos Raúl meets Barbara, the rich heir to the Serrano Zulbarán family. Instantly attracted to the handsome young man, she gives him a job at her family’s luxury hotel and decides to pursue Carlos Raúl. Carlos Raúl is captured by Barbara’s beauty… but most of all by her millions. Their relationship benefits him and within a year he is promoted to manager of the hotel.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, María Clara’s mother passes away, leaving her devastated. Anxious to see her fiancé and pressured by her ambitious sister, a cold and conniving young woman who will go to any lengths to escape poverty, María Clara travels to Miami. There, she falls victim to Carlos Raúl’s deceit, as he hides that fact that he has married Barbara for his own personal gain. However, María Clara discovers the truth when she meets the noble and charming Lisandro Serrano, Barbara’s brother, who falls madly in love with her.

Hopelessly heartbroken, María Clara marries Lisandro even though she it not in love with him. What she felt for Carlos Raúl still remains true, both now both María Clara and Carlos Raúl are trapped in marriages that neither one of them is happy in. Will they ever be able to leave the past behind and relive the love they once shared?



Barbarita is a sweet and modest young woman who works as a seamstress at a renowned  fashion boutique in Miami. When she is asked to do a fitting for the well-known society  widow Ricarda Thomson, Barbarita has no clue that this will be the beginning of a  tortuous relationship between her and this millionaire family. At the estate, she  fortuitously meets Valentino, Ricarda’s oldest son. Single, dishonest, spoiled and  accustomed to always getting his way, Valentino decides to seduce the beautiful  Barbarita, who soon succumbs to his charms. However, for the first time in his life,  Valentino feels more than physical attraction and discovers that he has fallen in love for  real. Going against the wishes of his arrogant mother, who considers the poor seamstress  beneath his son in every way, Valentino and Barbarita are married in a quiet, intimate ceremony. However, happiness disappears as quickly as it came for Barbarita. On their wedding night, when the couple set out on their honeymoon trip, they have a terrible car accident that takes Valentino’s life and leaves Barbarita merely bruised. This twist of fate is something that Ricarda Thompson will never forgive. Full of hate and pain, blaming Barbarita for Valentino’s death, she convinces her younger son, Antonio Adolfo, to avenge Valentino by playing a cruel trick on Barbarita: he is to court her, seduce and then abandon her, leaving the young woman totally humiliated. That is how love enters Barbarita’s life for the second time, once again bearing the Thomson name. Antonio Adolfo follows his mother’s plan to perfection, but along the way he realizes something totally unexpected: Barbarita’s kindness, tenderness and beauty have won his heart, and he is in love – just as his brother had been. Now, he too decides to defy his mother and make Barbarita his wife. It seems that Barbarita will finally be happy – until she is faced with an even greater obstacle than Ricarda’s rage: Valentino himself, who had faked his death in order to avoid being exposed for embezzlement of the family’s company funds, and now returns to claim his woman and his fortune.