Telenovela Channel Romanza+Africa Launches in Kenya

The 24-hour telenovela channel Romanza+Africa has launched in Kenya, where it will air on the Bamba TV digital television service. Read more here:

AfricAxp partners with Moben International to provide free TV channels through WI-Fi hot-spots in buildings and taxis

Streamed content in Africa faces two key obstacles: data is expensive and billing is usually overly complicated. African content distributor AfricaXP has partnered with Poland’s Moben International to deliver free TV channels through Wi-Fi hot-spots in South Africa. Russell Southwood spoke to AfricaXP’s CEO Craig Kelly about how this joint approach overcomes the key obstacles……Read more here:

Azteca and Cisneros Media Distribution Partner with AfricaXP to Launch Romanza+Africa, a Premier Telenovela Channel

2014MIPTV-300x225 CANNES, FRANCE (MIPTV) April 7, 2014 – Azteca and Cisneros Media  Distribution (CMD), two of the world’s most prominent producers of  telenovela programming, in partnership with digital content distributor  AfricaXP, announce the launch ofRomanza+Africa, a new channel  targeting English-speaking audiences in the African continent.

 Romanza+Africa is home to some of the most successful telenovelas of  recent years, offering the very best in original programming from both  Cisneros Media Distribution’s and Azteca’s vast catalogues.  The  standalone channel is available through AfricaXP’s multiple digital distribution platforms, offering the region’s broadcasters the world’s most compelling romantic stories portrayed by internationally renowned stars amongst captivating scenery.

“This unprecedented partnership with Azteca and AfricaXP reinforces our presence in Africa, a market where our proven telenovelas have performed well through the years, amassing a loyal following,” stated Cesar Diaz, Vice President, Cisneros Media Distribution.  “Now with the launch of Romanza+Africa, the telenovela genre will be at the forefront of the many audiovisual entertainment options available in the African market.  It’s definitely exciting!”

With over 3,000 hours of English-language programming, the channel will commence with Azteca’s captivating dramatic series “Catalina and Sebastian” and Cisneros Media Distribution’s fascinating novela “Secret of Love [Secreto de Amor].  Other titles to follow include CMD’s “The Woman of My Life” [La Mujer de Mi Vida] and “Yearning for Your Love” [Sueño Con Tu Amor], to name a few.


In working with its production partners, Azteca and Cisneros Media Distribution,AfricaXP will focus on designing and playing out a channel packaged specifically for the African market and then delivering Romanza+Africa to the continent’s English-speaking countries. Initial focus will be on key markets such as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria but they are also working on opportunities in Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Mauritius and The Seychelles. AfricaXP has a long history of delivering high quality content to African broadcasters on satellite and more recently over IP, as the continent’s broadband infrastructure has expanded rapidly in recent years.

“Africa is a unique market as it has over 500 broadcasters in 54 countries, mostly with low budgets. To be successful as a distributor you need to aggregate multiple low value sales and for this reason, contracting with and delivering content to each customer must cost almost nothing.” says Craig Kelly, founder and CEO of AfricaXP. “We have been pioneering distribution solutions in Africa for the last 15 years and our new cloud-based platform uniquely enables us to take our partners content, assemble a bespoke channel and then deliver to any African broadcaster quickly and at low cost. This makes us an attractive partner for rights owners who have interest in Africa as a market, but would prefer not to incur the risk of setting up a full satellite channel over Africa speculatively.”

“As multichannel DTT and IPTV platforms roll out rapidly in Africa, there is a growing demand for premium themed channels and a number of our broadcaster clients have expressed interest in a 24/7 telenovela channel. The genre is taking Africa by storm and it is extremely gratifying to be able to respond to market demand by partnering two of the world’s pre-eminent distributors of top quality telenovelas. I am convinced that Romanza+Africa will be a household name across the continent in the near future.”

ABOUT AZTECA: Azteca is one of the world’s largest producers of Spanish-language television programming. Generating over 12,000 hours of content per year, the company operates two national television networks through its 300 plus owned stations.  Its national channels are the family-driven Azteca 13 and the mid to high income and youth-focused Azteca 7 covering 97% and 95% of Mexican television households respectively.  It also operates Proyecto 40 – an over-the-air UHF channel which brings the most noted cultural, social, economic and political Mexican opinion leaders together.  Azteca also owns Azteca America the fastest growing Hispanic television network in the United States, with a presence in 75 markets and home to 89% of US Hispanic households.  In addition Azteca also owns and operates two PAY TV networks – Azteca Internacional and Azteca Novelas reaching audiences in Latin America, Canada and Europe.

ABOUT CISNEROS MEDIA DISTRIBUTION: Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) is a global distributor of entertainment content.  Formerly Venevision International, the Miami-based company has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 35 years, amassing a vast catalogue of 30,000+ hours of television programming, which it has commercialized in more than 100 countries and 20 languages.  As part of the Cisneros Media corporate division, CMD represents the products of Venevision Productions, the largest independent producer of Spanish-language programming in the United States, and Venevision, the leading broadcaster in Venezuela; in addition to promoting and commercializing the catalogues of key independent producers from around the world.  Manned by one of the industry’s most experienced staff, Cisneros Media Distribution covers the globe, proficiently meeting the distribution, commercialization and programming needs of every platform.

ABOUT AFRICAXP: AfricaXP is a pan-African content distributor that focuses on being a single gateway into multiple African markets and enabling rights owners to monetize their assets in the region easily and with minimal risk. An active producer and distributor across Africa for over 18 years AfricaXP has an extensive network of broadcaster clients and relationships spanning Lusophone, Anglophone and Francophone markets. AfricaXP’s primary focus is multi-genre content aggregation for the purpose of compiling market-appropriate themed channels and distributing these to the numerous multichannel platforms emerging across Africa. Using its unique cloud based content repository and play-listing platform, it is able to deliver bespoke channels to multiple broadcast clients without incurring multiple satellite feed costs. By partnering with AfricaXP, rights owners eliminate content delivery costs and uniquely benefit from dynamic inventory and rights conflict management on a market by market basis – while still allowing content to included in a multinational channel offering. This channel customization enables multiple sales to competing broadcasters in each low transaction value market. AfricaXP believes this unique solution can revolutionize content distribution in Africa and meet the burgeoning broadcaster demand for high quality but affordable and relevant channels in an exciting but challenging market.


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